fl powerball winners

fl powerball winners

By today kerala lottery result

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Starring Glen Close, Paddy Considine and Gemma Arterton. Adapted from the book of the same name, this is a small scale but exciting zombie apocalypse movie. A zombie plague infests the UK. One research facility may have the cure. It’s one of many recent National Lottery funded films.

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Persistence pays off. We know that no number is more likely to come out than others. That is why you should stick with the same numbers. Just because you haven’t won with one sequence, it doesn’t mean you will never win. That is the moral of the tale of a grandmother from Idaho. Rosemary Loveland spent 27 years playing the same numbers. When she started with those numbers in 1989, vinyl was still the major music medium and Rick Astley was a household name. Finally, her luck paid off on the 20th September 2016. A $390,000 win (£300,000 approx) came her way. How the American lottery works meant that she had a choice of a $390,000 lump sum or $25,000 for life.

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But hey, maybe you still have a shot at the secondary prizes. Saturday’s draw had over 1,003,610 winners, so you might just be one of them if you entered the March 10 draw. 3 tickets, for starters, won the $1 million second prize, with one of them taking home $2 million instead thanks to the Power Play multiplier. Meanwhile, 25 lucky players won third prize, 635 won the fourth prize, and some 1,535 players won the fifth prize. And there are thousands more that won the 4 lower prize tiers.

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